About Us

FlexiLine aluminium profiles   “Tomorrow’s Solutions Have a Name.”

During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s an opportunity was identified in the South African market for an affordable, lightweight, modular and flexible conveyor system, especially in the Rigid Plastics converting industry. The FlexiLine product range was created to fill this niche, starting with aluminium profiles for a standard conveyor range for 82.5mm and 114mm wide conveyors. The conveyor range expanded further into custom designed wider conveyor ranges. Throughout the following years the FlexiLine product range expanded to include aluminium profiles that is a cost effective and convenient alternative to welded frames, catering for a variety of applications:

FlexiLine is currently the leading supplier of aluminium profile conveyors in the South African market and is expanding rapidly into the international market. Designed from experience accumulated over years in the field, FlexiLine is build to the highest standards with purpose in mind of being practical, flexible, convenient and ergonomical. Today FlexiLine is proud to offer a full and extensive product range to be Tomorrow’s Solution Today!


A dynamic, high quality, user friendly, locally developed product range, distributed world wide to cater for customer specific requirements. Transform your working place into a modern and efficient operating environment to elevate you above you competitors.